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Another agent from our first training program is Cindy, who specializes in travel to Europe and has helped many clients create amazing memories to last a lifetime. Cindy’s attention to detail is second to none and she treats every vacation like it’s her own, spending many hours researching destinations and putting independent travel itineraries together for her clients.

Cindy also enjoys traveling with her fellow agents as well as family and friends. She has been traveling the world for years, touring Europe by land and sea as well as throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. Cindy has increased her travel knowledge by attending the Mark Travel Summit three times in the past 5 years and also expanded into Destination Wedding planning in the past year.

Here’s what Cindy has to say about her coaching experience with

“Although I was an experienced traveler, I knew nothing about the travel agent side. Trish's expertise in the business has made the transition from traveler to travel agent so easy. Her attention to detail and her 24/7 availability for support set her aside from the rest. She is there every step of the way and even after 5 years of working with Trish she is still always ready to help and guide.”