AdminSuccess Stories

Denise is our most recent graduate who came to the program wanting a full time career change. Currently in the childcare field, Denise wanted to learn everything she could about travel and get a full time job at a local agency.

Toward the end of the program, we recommended 3 agencies to her and helped her set up interviews with their management. She recently accepted a full time job with a local agency in the St. Louis area and received her certificate of graduation.

Denise looks forward to a long career in travel and credits this program with helping her start her new career in travel. Here’s what Denise had to say about the program:

“I am so grateful to Trish from for her training program. When I first contacted her I knew I wanted to get into travel, but didn't know much about it. Going through her program gave me hands on knowledge by allowing me to do more than just listen or read. I got to go onto the vendor sites to learn how to use them as well as do practice quotes to learn how to sell to clients. I enjoyed learning about all the different locations to travel to so much that my own travel bucket list has gotten longer. Thanks to this program I look forward to helping others build their dream vacations.”