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Jessica also signed up for the first training program in 2013 and has built a very successful business, specializing in All Inclusive Vacations. Jessica’s client base has grown exponentially since starting her career in travel and she has become one of the top agents at her company in just 3 short years.

With five years of experience now, Jessica loves to be her own boss and work at her own pace. With two busy kids in high school, she benefits from creating a work/life balance that allows her to be there for all their games and events. Jessica has also enjoyed many destination FAMS to learn about hotels in Cancun, Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta and many more. She loves to visit Disney parks and has been on many Disney Cruises. She even had the opportunity to travel halfway around the world with Collette Vacations on a tour of New Zealand. Truly a highlight of her career!

Here’s what Jessica has to say about her coaching experience with

“ is great because it really focuses on educating you about the destinations and suppliers that are relevant to what we sell. Before finding this program, I spent a lot of money on education through a national institute only to find that it was more generalized information and not really specific to the systems I would be using in my day-to-day operations. This program teaches you how to effectively use our top suppliers booking engines. It also gives you an in depth look into the different resort chains and destinations you will be selling. I highly recommend this program to those who are serious about beginning a career in travel.”